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Welcome to Carly Heart Trust

Thank you for visiting Carly Heart Trust, after an incredibly frightening moment in our lives, we have dedicated our time to make a huge change! Our mission is to provide all the local schools with defibrillators and get as many people First Aid trained as possible. Read more about our message and how to help us on our journey.

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  • The amount of people trained in First Aid because of Carly’s story

Our Mission

The Carly Heart Trust mission is to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest, raise funds to provide all local schools with defibrillators and to raise the number of people that are First Aid trained.

Donate and help

Carly Heart Trust is dedicated to pursuing our goal and are extremely grateful for all of your help. From as little as £1, we will ensure that every donation – in an open and transparent way …

Contact Us

Give us a call or email if you need any information on how to raise money, how to get involved in first aid training or even for some advice, we would love to help you in anyway we can! Thank You.

Carly’s Story by Carly’s Dad Marco

The day we had all been waiting for a year and a half in the planning, it was going to be the fairy tale wedding that all young women dream of. Carly had been helping her sister Jodie for virtually 18 months to plan the wedding of a lifetime. The flowers, the music, the food, the bridesmaids then the page boy suits, the usher’s suits, the invitations, the list goes on…

Our Sponsors

Thanks to the organisations and companies below, we are getting closer and closer to reaching our goals. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity and kindness! If you would like to get your logo onto our homepage, please contact info@carlyhearttrust.com for more information.

Carly Heart Trust – Training Hard!

Watch the video! Thank you for visiting our page, everyone who knows us will know that this is definitely a big challenge for us!  We are all training hard for the run but feel that we really want to do this for such a great cause. Many of you may already know what...

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Help Olly reach his target!

Carly Heart Trust would like to introduce you all to Olly! He is fundraising to purchase a defibrillator for his daughters school in Bromley. Olly is taking part in the Tough Mudder this month, putting his mind and body to the test in our brand new CHT T-shirts! If...

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Carly Heart Trust donate defibrillator to Bullers Wood!

The Carly Heart Trust team are overjoyed to announce that - with the help of our sponsors and kind donators - we have donated a defibrillator to Bullers Wood School for Girls! The team cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support. Please continue to spread...

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North Star to fit defibrillators in all future developments

Northstar 2000 - One of our sponsors - have decided that all future developments from now on will be fitted with a defibrillator. The Northstar Group believe that no other development company have ever come up with this initiative. This along with requesting all new...

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