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How your donation helps

Carly Heart Trust is dedicated to pursuing our goals and are extremely grateful for all of your help. From as little as £1, we will ensure that every donation – in an open and transparent way – helps fund our efforts in providing local schools with defibrillators and training as many people as possible with important, life saving First Aid training.


Where your donation goes

  • Defibrillators : If the defibrillator was not at the hotel of the wedding, the doctors were certain Carly would have lost her life. We can ensure children and teachers will always have a working defibrillator on site.
  • First Aid Training : Along with the defibrillator on site, trained First Aiders were without doubt the only other reason Carly survived. Ensuring we get as many people as possible with life saving training, we can hopefully prevent more people from losing their lives.
  • Raising Awareness : Even if you can’t donate or get involved in First Aid training, we would love it if you sent people to this website to help spread our story and mission. Thank you so much for your support!

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