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Our Team

Carly Williams


I was extremely lucky to survive a sudden cardiac arrest, the only reason I was so lucky was due to the quick action of CPR trained friends and family and the use of a defibrillator. If I didn’t have both of these available, I wouldn’t have been so fortunate. My aim is for all schools to have these life saving pieces of equipment with trained members of staff so that in the event that anyone should suffer a cardiac arrest, they will have a chance like I did.

Jodie Williams


I am so grateful everyday that I still have my sister here. When I see her with our children, I just feel like the happiest person alive! Sadly not everyone has been as fortunate and I cannot begin to imagine the pain their families must go through everyday. This is why I’m desperately trying to get people CPR trained and defibrillators out there which saved Carly’s life.

Marco Williams


I think every parent’s worst thought is of losing one’s child. I lost Carly, my first child and feel so lucky I have Carly back and still in our lives. Every day I feel so grateful for the way things have turned out. If the charity can help save even one life and make a parent feel the same as I do then our goal has been met. Let’s hope we can achieve much more!

Alfie Scarborough


Carly wouldn’t be here today without a defibrillator and CPR, it saved her life. Too many have lost their lives because they never had quick CPR and defibrillation like Carly did, and we want to give as many people the best chance of survival, especially children who have their whole lives ahead of them.

Sara Copper


There is no right place or right time for Sudden Cardiac Arrest – certainly not on your sister’s wedding day but for Carly it was, just that. We are very grateful and very lucky, for on that day, in that room were trained First Aiders who were quick to respond and most importantly a defibrillator which restarted Carly’s heart. Saying Carly has no pulse and isn’t breathing is something I would never want anyone to go through. .

Jake Read


Seeing what happened to Carly is the worst experience of my life but I am so thankful to Sue, David, Danny and Peter for saving her life and doing what they did. Now this charity is set up I am determined to see as many schools as possible with Defibrillators and CPR training and if this charity saves at least one life then it has achieved what it was set up to do.

Anne Williams


I would never want for any other parent or loved one to witness what I saw, my eldest child struggling for life after a cardiac arrest. Had it not been for the defibrillator she would not be here now and my life would never be whole again. I urge every establishment to invest in this equipment whether it be for the old or the young people within their communities.

Ozay Booth

Media & Marketing

After hearing the incredible and touching story about Carly from the rest of the family, I instantly knew I wanted to get involved so I could help in anyway possible. With such a positive goal in mind, the Carly Heart Trust is an amazing charity looking to make an enormous difference for local schools & the surrounding community. I’m proud to be a part of such a over-whelimingly positive movement.

Steve Burrell


About five years ago I nearly lost one of my best friends. His heart arrested and he was technically dead for almost a minute. As a result of an available defibrillator and trained personnel, he was revived and now lives a normal life without any effects of the earlier incident. I cannot stress the importance of defibrillators, which are to be provided from the Trust funds.

Firstaid 4 Staff

First Aid Trainers

With over 50 years joint experience currently working for the busiest Ambulance Service in the world, we’re passionate about delivering high quality training. As active Paramedics responding  to 999 calls,  we guarantee you realistic first hand experience, gaining knowledge, confidence and reassurance to know what to do and how to act if someone goes into cardiac arrest.