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Thank you for visiting our page, everyone who knows us will know that this is definitely a big challenge for us!  We are all training hard for the run but feel that we really want to do this for such a great cause.

Many of you may already know what happened but my sister suffered a cardiac arrest out of the blue and was thankfully saved because of the quick response of first aid trained bystanders, one being a family friend Susan Wheeler and 2 being my cousins David & Peter also taking part in this run! Also the fact that there was a defibrillator available to be used immediately which is such a major factor in survival after a cardiac arrest.

The Carly Heart Trust has been set up to raise funds to buy as many defibrillators as possible for local schools and other public places as Cardiac arrest can affect anyone at any age at any time with no previous warning.  We really feel that this is so important to give as many people as possible a chance of survival in a case of cardiac arrest.

We hope that you get behind us in sponsoring us to raise money for this cause!

Danny + Team